Mint is full of medicinal properties, know the benefits

Medicinal properties of Mint.

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Mint is very beneficial for our health. It also enhances the taste of our food. The medicinal properties of mint are also very helpful. Let us tell you about the medicinal properties of mint and its benefits –

Mint is very beneficial for our digestion. It has antibiotic properties.

Mint also has many medicinal properties. It also acts as a good mouth freshener.

Mint can be used to remove the nasty smell of the mouth. Mix mint juice in water, and wash your mouth with it. This will remove the nasty smell of the mouth and will also give a feeling of coolness in the mouth.

Mint is also helpful in stomachache. Drink mint juice mixed with asafoetida, cumin, salt, black pepper. There will be relief from stomachache.

In case of vomiting, give mint juice to the patient. This will stop vomiting. Mint is also beneficial in cholera. In the case of cholera, giving the mixture of mint, onion and lemon juice to the patient will provide great benefit.

Peppermint cures skin diseases. In case of skin diseases, applying a paste of mint leaves gives great relief. To eliminate the heat of the skin, apply the mint paste on the face. Then wash the face with water. It will keep your skin cool.