Saffron is beneficial for pregnant women, know-how

Health Benefits of saffron.

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Saffron is very beneficial for health. It is used in sweets and dishes. Adding saffron to hot water turns its colour yellow. Saffron is an easy and delicious way to improve health.

Nutrients like folic acid, calcium, zinc, magnesium are found in saffron. It is very beneficial for pregnant women.

Let’s know the properties of saffron:

Beneficial in pregnancy- Saffron is very beneficial for pregnant women. Saffron reduces the stiffness of the body. Its consumption during pregnancy reduces the cramps of the body and also increases the appetite of pregnant women. By consuming it, the child is also born beautiful and healthy.

Increases Digestive Power – Provides relief from all the problems related to the stomach like gas, indigestion, acidity, abdominal pain etc. It also increases the power of our digestive system.

Beneficial for the newborn – Small children are troubled by the problem of cold and flu. Mix saffron in mother’s milk and rub it on the child’s head and nose. Make a paste by mixing laung and nutmeg in saffron. Rubbing it on the chest and stomach will give relief to the newborn from the problem of cold.

The problem of baldness – Saffron is a panacea for people suffering from baldness. Make a paste by grinding liquorice in milk and mixing saffron in a small amount. Apply this paste on the head, it cures the problem of baldness. Saffron is also beneficial in the problem of dandruff and hair fall.