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Costliest nail polish in the world costs more than Maserati Levante; Check out its prices & what makes it so special

If you thought the Maserati Levante was the epitome of extravagance, think again! Explore the realm of the most costly nail polish, where luxury has no limits. Discover what sets this nail lacquer apart from the competition and why it costs more than the renowned Maserati Levante.

Costliest nail polish

You’ve probably seen a lot of costly stuff like automobiles, watches, jewels, and furniture, but today we’re going to speak about a normal, everyday commodity that you wouldn’t even consider in your wildest dreams. I think the first item that sprang to mind was a dress, footwear, or belts, but no. Today, we will discuss the most costly nail paint that can deplete your financial account. Yes, you read that correctly! Even if you have an opulent lifestyle, you may hesitate since Black Diamond nail polish costs more than a crore.

Which is the costliest nail polish?

Azature is the name of the world’s most expensive nail lacquer, which was designed by Azature Pogosian, a Los Angeles-based designer. He is well-known for his high-end things all around the world. This nail polish may appear conventional at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you will discover a 267-carat Black Diamond buried inside it, which would cost you Rs 1,63,66,000. It has 14.7 milliliters of ritzy design and costs Rs 1,59,83,750 on its own. The price is so expensive that one could buy a Maserati Levante which costs Rs. 1.49 Cr.

How many people purchased this?

Anyone will have to think about it a hundred or thousand times before purchasing it. But if you believe no one did, you are mistaken. According to estimates, 25 people have purchased the Black Diamond nail paint so far.

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