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Haircare Tips: Is this the secret to Kriti Sanon’s thick and bouncy hair? Her extensive routine explained

Haircare Tips: Your hair health depends on how much you care for it. Follow these tips by Kriti Sanon to get fabulous thick and bouncy hair like herself.

Haircare Tips: Maintaining thick and bouncy hair is too much of a hassle, or so you thought! The gorgeous diva, Kriti Sanon has amazing hair, possibly the best in entire Bollywood. Her strong, glossy, and bouncy tresses can be easily noticed in several of her pictures. These are totally worth dying for. However, it takes a rigorous routine to achieve such glamorous hair. These tips from the diva herself can help you get where she is at.

Haircare Tips: Kriti Sanon’s haircare routine

Dedicated oiling to the roots

One of the most essential steps in Kriti Sanon’s haircare routine is oiling. She prefers to nourish her scalp with dedicated oil massages twice every week. As our elders used to say, a proper ‘champi’ is extremely crucial for hair growth. Kriti follows this habit religiously without fail.

Regular Hair Spa treatment

Though it may seem unconventional considering our busy schedules, a regular hair spa is a necessity for your hair. It provides multiple benefits such as dandruff control, removal of excessive oils, strengthening of roots, reduction of split ends, and best of all, it takes away most of your stress.

Traditional household alternatives

In our childhood, our mothers would use natural or household remedies for most of our hair or skin-related issues. However, while growing up, we became too familiar with modern medicated products. Kriti, if given a chance, prefers to opt for traditional household alternatives when it comes to hair care. One of her go-to remedies is a paste made of coconut oil, eggs, and honey.

Application of a personalized hair mask

This is possibly the most crucial step in Kriti’s haircare routine. She makes sure she gets a hair mask treatment done at least once in a while. Her favorite ingredients for a personalized hair mask are coconut oil, bananas, and fresh avocados.

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