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Mobile Addiction: Want To Keep Your Child Away From Smartphones? Follow THESE Tips To Get Great Results; Check Out

Understand smart strategies and useful recommendations for encouraging balanced digital consumption and healthier screen habits.

Mobile Addiction: Mobile devices have become so necessary in today’s world that it is impossible to imagine living without them. It wouldn’t be incorrect to mention so if it is said that the mother-in-law will not arrive without a cell phone! The phone is in your hand when you go to sleep at night, and the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is glance at the phone. These days, being mobile is just as essential to survival as breathing. Despite all of the ways it has made our lives easier, it also has a lot of drawbacks.

Hours of sitting while using a mobile device can lead to obesity and negatively impact our mental well-being. Children and adults alike use their phones excessively to the point of addiction. Following the lockdown, kid-focused classes were also moved online. As a result, they spend the majority of their time staring at their phone screens.

How to Keep the Child Away From Phone

Kids must overcome their addiction to using cell phones. Here are two tips to help you do just that: keep phones out of the hands of kids.

Maintain a tight screen

Establish a time limit for your child’s mobile use to help them kick their addiction. Don’t permit the use of the phone for any longer than that. Additionally, avoid giving a child a phone during mealtimes.


Bring them indoor games they enjoy so they can spend more time playing them instead of just having them watch cartoons on their phones. Additionally, take them to the park so they can play with their pals. If you’d like, you can get them to participate in their preferred games or pastimes. where they can play freely and occupy themselves.

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