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Sadhguru Tips: Are you decisive? Jaggi Vasudev Weighs in on How to Make THE Right Decision; WATCH

With Sadhguru Tips, you may on a profoundly wise trip as perceptive Jaggi Vasudev explores the art of decisiveness and offers priceless advice on making the best decisions in life.

Sadhguru Tips: Sadhguru, a mystic, visionary, and yogi, is a unique kind of spiritual master. His life and work, with a striking blend of pragmatism and profundity, serve as a reminder that yoga is a modern science that is extremely relevant to our times.  How do you choose the decisions you want to make in life? Sadhguru examines how we might make these choices so that we don’t end up regretting our choices on the road.

Sadhguru talks about how to make a decision in life

Sadhguru talked about this and said, “Your dreams, goals and aspirations…it’s good that you spend little more time on it and see will this really mean something to you. Even after 25 years, 50 years, if you are in your deathbed, will it still mean something to you? You must look at it. Whatever you’re aspiring for, whatever you’re dreaming of, whatever goals you have set, Will it really mean something because most of these goals are traps? They’re just traps. You get in, it’s only one way street, and you can’t turn back. I want you to look at this because many of them are older than you.”

He added, “Sit down, meditate, and bring you to a certain level of clarity and joy. When you’re very happy and clear, you must decide. Not in desperation you set goals. Desperate goals that you set will mean a lot to you at that moment. So it’ll be good, if you are fixing your life. Its best that you do it when you’re very peaceful, happy and clear-headed, isn’t it? Not influenced by anything around you. Simply, by yourself, sit and decide, what is it that you really want to become in your life?”

Check out the video below;

To know more about what he said about making decisions that you won’t regret, you have to watch the video that was uploaded on his YouTube.

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