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Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev’s Effective Methods to Deal With Diabetes

Sadhguru claims the magic effects of yoga can even get rid of diabetes that even modern science has failed to overcome. Follow these 4 steps to achieve this.

Sadhguru Tips: Diabetes are really common in today’s time and everyone is checking their sugar levels by blood and urine tests. According to Sadhguru, diabetes causes destabilisation in the body and can be combated by following a few mantras of him. Moreover, his mantras are completely yogic and claim to get rid of diabetes in 6 weeks. Here are 4 valuable tips shared by Sadhguru to deal with diabetes.

Be in touch with the soil

To stabilize the body, one must be in touch with the soil. This involves doing agriculture or even working in a garden. Moreover, one must do it with bare hands and feet. This forms a connection between the body and the earth that brings stability to the body. The ones who cannot do agriculture or gardening can opt for a mud bath. This involves taking a bath in mud and letting it sit on the skin for a while before rinsing it off.


Certain yogic practices like the Shambhavi Mahamudra and the Shakti chalana Kriya can regulate the body. Regular practice of these can be beneficial for diabetic patients. Moreover, he says that their 6-week program can help over 70% of people with diabetes.

Traditional medicines

Sadhguru talks about the South Indian traditional medicine called Siddha Vaidya, which can be used to cure diabetes. However, they can be very bitter. Therefore, Ayurveda medicines are also an option. Moreover, this has to be paired with proper diet and exercise.


Sadhguru talks about the magical properties of millet and urges diabetics to replace rice with millet. Although it takes time to cook, it does not cause any harm to the sugar levels and regulates it. He suggested millets like Ragi.

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