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Sadhguru Tips: Facing Monday Morning Blues? Jaggi Vasudev’s Take on Embracing the Weekdays Like the Weekends

Sadhguru talks about his take on the corporate lifestyle of waiting for the weekend to live life. He explains why people get monday blues, or the miserable feeling that people get after the weekend gets over.

Sadhguru Tips: Do you also wait for it to be the weekend so that you can finally live your life? Sadhguru reflects on this behaviour and says that it is not the right way of living. He learned about this when he went to a restaurant in the States called, TGI Friday or “Thank God It’s Friday”, indicating many people’s struggle to get through the week. This is true for a lot of people working daily corporate jobs. To this, Sadhguru says that life is supposed to be enjoyed daily.

Sadhguru’s father

Sadhguru talks about his father who was a doctor. His father, as a young boy lost his mother to tuberculosis. Moreover, he made a promise to his mother that he would become a doctor. Therefore, raised in a wealthy family of businessmen, his father pursued medicine. After the birth of Sadhguru, he was always busy, taking calls at 2 a.m., and showing complete devotion to his work. His work was his life and Sadhguru had major respect for his father for that

Sadhguru’s early life

He also reflects on his life, where his purpose was not to become a doctor, engineer or even a businessman. He wanted to just live life. He talked about what differentiates animals from human beings, which is that both want to live but humans bring purpose and other complications to living, while animals just want to eat, sleep and reproduce.

Sadhguru’s take on life

Sadhguru makes a statement dedicated to the people who wait for the weekend, that it is not the right way of living. Many of these people do not even spend time with their families. Therefore it is important to understand that life is about ” doing only life, life, and life alone – nothing else but life “

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