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Sadhguru tips: Fruit rich diet for energetic mind, healthy body

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Sadhguru tips: Our body is our most priced possession. To maintain a healthy lifestyle is the first and foremost of all. Fuelling body with nutrients and vitamins is necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Fruits that help in digestion must be included in your everyday diet. Spiritual leader Sadhguru explains the importance of digestion. He says the body’s digestive ability is labelled as ‘Jatharagni’, which means digestive fire Adequate consumption of fruits along with healing the digestive system makes you young and energetic at every age.

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1. Fruits attract nature

Explaining the importance of fruits, Sadhguru said even nature has a likening towards fruits. He says while we consume the upper most part of the mango, the nature consumes its seeds and offers us something of similar nature in ten folds.

2. Hydration

The body operates well when hydrated. Whatever may be your lifestyle, you can keep yourself fit by eating fruits every two hours. They also prove to be helpful in digestion.

3. The right way to eat fruit

If you are on a fruit diet, you have to intake fruits at least thrice a day. Consuming fruits in the day time should be a slow process, allowing your body to feel full. You may feel hungry again, but eating right will be give you enough energy to operate throughout the day.

4. Fruit-rich diet

It is beneficial for humans to include up to 30 percent of fruits in their diet. Along with this, your brain power also remains fresh. For a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to have at least 300 liters of water in the body.

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