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Sadhguru Tips: Is it Worth Listening to What Your Parents Say? Jaggi Vasudev’s Advice is an Eye Opener, Watch

In this insightful talk, Sadhguru delves into the complex aspects of desire, providing deep insights that go beyond common perceptions.

Sadhguru Tips: Sadhguru, also known as Jaggi Vasudev, is a renowned spiritual leader and yogi who has been sharing his wisdom with the world for many years. In a recent video, Sadhguru shared some tips on how to achieve what you want in life. The video is a must-watch for anyone who is looking for guidance and inspiration on their journey towards success and fulfilment. A girl asked him a question about dealing with the conflict with his parents over wanting something.

Sadhguru Gives Tips for Wanting Something in Life

The spiritual guru answered the question, “If you want to craft your life the way you want and what you want if it’s not in concurrence with your parents or the society in which you live, you must understand there will be a price to pay. The only thing you’re complaining about is, how to have what I want without paying a price? There’s no such life. We must evaluate. ‘Do I want to pay this price? What I want, does it mean so much to me that I’m willing to pay this price or I’m not willing to pay this price.’ This is individual. Some people want it so badly, they’re willing to pay any price. For some people, it’s a passing interest so they will drop it and they’ll go on. There’s nothing wrong with both. Both are fine.”

Jaggi Vasudev on Boosting Your Health

Sadhguru discussed a yoga policy that requires you to eat only what is within walking distance of how far you can walk in a day. He used the following example: “If you walk 20 kilometres a day, you need to eat within that 20-kilometre radius because that’s how the soil and your body communicate.” Things are happening, and they are conversing with one another. He went on to say that you will suffer health consequences if you don’t do it now because doing so will make your life longer and more meaningful.

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