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Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev at Yale University, reveals a simple way to overcome burnout; Here’s what he said

In this enlightening talk at Yale University, the esteemed spiritual master Sadhguru, also called Jaggi Vasudev, shares priceless advice on conquering the ubiquitous problem of burnout.

Sadhguru Tips: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev recently went to Yale University during one of his programs and a question was asked by the professor that nowadays people get burnout very quickly, how to correct it. First, Sadhguru expressed regret that such a problem was happening in a country like America, where health facilities are so good. He talked about everything from the cause of this problem to its solution in his own style by giving examples. Its video is also going viral on the internet which people are liking.

Sadhguru works 20 hours a day

While speaking in this program, Sadhguru said that he works twenty hours a day and never feels burnout. He said that one day he will become exhausted but not burned out. He said that if education, medicine, and spirituality are commercialized in any society, then degradation is certain and this is what is happening in the modern world.

Why do burnouts occur?

Sadhguru explained why people burn out and what is the main reason behind it. He said that people burn out only when they do work that they do not feel like doing or their mind does not allow them to do that work.

How can we overcome this?

Sadhguru said that it is important for a person to help someone or do something that he cares about, then burnout will not happen because then the person will have a way to be happy. When a person remains happy the whole day then how will he feel burnout?

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