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Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev Takes on Koffee With Karan Host Karan Johar in a Rapid Fire Round, Watch the Witty Exchange

Jaggi Vasudev imparts life lessons and reveals some personal details in a Rapid Fire interaction with Karan Johar

Sadhguru Tips
Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips: Sadhguru sits down with the chat show host, Karan Johar for a quick rapid-fire question round. Karan Johar, the popular Indian filmmaker is also known for his gossip chat show, Koffee With Karan, where the biggest celebrities have appeared. Moreover, in this famous show, there is a segment called the Rapid Fire Round which is especially popular. In this video shared on Sadhguru’s official YouTube channel, the filmmaker takes on Sadhguru for a rapid-fire question round where he shares his witty remarks.

Sadhguru’s Rapid Fire interview

During this rapid-fire interview, Sadhguru had the liberty to only answer in one word. Here, he imparted many useful values through his thoughtful one-word answers. However, when asked about love, he says that it is “Most beautiful but unfortunately most crippling for most people”. Moreover, he elaborates on the tragedy of being crippled by something beautiful like love instead of being crippled by something bad.

Sadhguru’s personal details

He also revealed some personal details revealed that on a day off he enjoys playing golf. Otherwise, he likes to sit and do nothing if he gets an entire day off. Moreover, he revealed his favourite movie when he was young was “Roman Holiday”

He shared his views on time and logic with the filmmaker as well. When asked if he would like to travel to the past or future, he expressed that he would like to stay in the present, always. It is human nature to want to explore. From Mars to other periods, humans are driven by logic, and sometimes, it is more important to stay in the present and be illogical.

Continuing with this, he shared his need to feel tested. This translated his love for danger or things that keep him on the edge. Thus, his love for motorcycles was born.

Apart from this, he shared various other witty answers, while revealing a few personal details in this fun-filled video.

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