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Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev Weighs in on Immunity! Here Are Remedies You Can Follow To Boost It

Sadhguru unveils his top 17 tips to stay healthy and enhance immunity. These remedies and exercises will help fight any viral diseases

Sadhguru Tips: Flu season is around the corner and many are falling sick. Especially children are falling victim to this as they are only building their immunity. When these things happen, parents worry and get medicines that provide instant relief to the issue. However, Sadhguru suggests a few ways of fighting the viral season by boosting one’s immunity. One can only boost their immunity in natural ways by taking proper care of your body. These include getting the right nutrition, physical activity, a clean environment, enough water and quitting unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking. Sadhguru suggests some of the best remedies to enhance one’s immunity.

Yogic Remedies

  • In the morning, on an empty stomach, one must put a few leaves of neem in the mouth. They have to chew it 8-12 times before leaving it in your mouth for at least 1 hour. Meanwhile, you can do your daily Sadhana
  • A piece of turmeric should be eaten straight away one hour before eating anything
  • 3-4 Mahavilva Leaves are also advised to be eaten in the morning.
  • Nilavembu Kashayam is a concoction made to boost immunity using natural ingredients. A small glass of it should be consumed every day
  • Hot glass of water or other hot drinks should be consumed at least 4- 5 times a day
  • Raw Amla should be consumed with salt. Moreover, this should also be kept in the mouth for 1-2 hours
  • Eat slices of raw mango. Sadhguru says that this is not only healthy but also tasty.
  • A teaspoon of Chyawanprash should be consumed every day
  • Soak Amla with honey and black pepper overnight. Consume a spoonful of this every day

Yogic Kriya

  • Getting enough physical activity is a must to enhance immunity
  • Yoga is especially beneficial for immunity according to studies
  • Regular practice of Isha Kriya meditation helps combat viruses
  • Simha Kriya is also advised to enhance lung capacity and improve immunity
  • Yoga Yoga Yogeshwara is a chant that, when repeated, invokes heat in the body, enhancing immunity.

Staying Joyous

Staying happy and exuberant is also a way of combating illness as the body and brain function better when you are happy

Bhairavi Raksha

Wearing Sadhguru’s bracelet, Bhairavi Raksha also protects you from harmful diseases

Prithvi Prema Seva

Sadhguru emphasizes the importance of having a relationship with the soil by digging your hands in the earth This helps boost immunity for a healthier life

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