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Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev Weighs in on The Importance Of Hatha Yoga, Check Out Why it Needs to be Preserved

Sadhguru talks abou the preservation of the classical style of yoga, Hatha Yoga

Sadhguru Tips: Sadhguru is a renowned yogi and spiritual coach who has influenced a lot of people in the world through his values and life tips. He holds extensive knowledge of yoga and shares life-changing techniques for everyone to learn from. Yoga is an ancient form of wellness that can be dated back to 5000 years. Therefore, Sadhguru talks about how the world treats it like a commodity and how to preserve it.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the process of reaching yoga. It involves the union of the sun, moon and the body in a complete harmony. As a result, it provides something great to the body that is unmatched and surpasses the physical terrain. As preparatory yoga, it prepares the body for something higher than its usual self. Therefore, its benefits are very effective. Therefore, Sadhguru talks about preserving this science.

Sadhguru on the preservation of Classical Yoga

In modern times, everything is taken as a commodity. Therefore, many distortions have happened to yoga, especially classical yoga. Sadhguru yearns to preserve the classical form of yoga in the way it used to be practised, for the coming generations. As a result, he encourages more and more people to take up this form of Yoga and learn it with all their heart

Sadhguru talks about how the world has evolved with yoga which has benefits that cannot be denied. Therefore, the classical forms of yoga should be preserved in the coming ages as it has a lot of significance. Moreover, Sadhguru believes that offering Hatha Yoga is important in its original way as it has incredible powers.

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