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Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev Weighs in on the Journey To Enlightenment; Read

Sadhguru shares his valuable insights on enlightenment. Moreover, she talks about the journey to reach there and the time taken

Sadhguru Tips: Spiritual enlightenment means liberation from everything. It is the state of a level of inner peace that is devoid of any form of suffering. It is also called, Nirvana, meaning rebirth or end of suffering. Therefore, many want to achieve it. However, Sadhguru says that it is not something one can find on the internet to follow the steps and achieve it. Moreover, he talks about the time taken in the journey to enlightenment

How long does it take to achieve enlightenment?

Sadhguru gets asked about the time taken to get enlightened. To this, he said that it is not about how long it takes but the intensity with which you do it. Therefore, one can do it with a little bit of intensity over 100 years and still not achieve it while others can achieve it in a short amount of time. However, for this one has to have a very strong longing for it. A longing to know what is on the other side. In this world, everybody wants to know answers to several questions of what is it like. But the one who gets the answers is the one who longs to know it with intensity.

Where can one find enlightenment?

When it comes to enlightenment, one does not need to look here and there to find it. It is within ourselves. However, the thing that is stopping you from finding it is yourself. One needs to throb to know and be willing to die to know. Therefore, our biggest obstacle is ourselves. With the right kind of intensity, one can get to know it at once, while others do it in instalments over time.

Sadhguru on the pace of enlightenment

Enlightenment happens without any noise. Unlike other achievements in life, it does not create a bang. Moreover, Sadhguru says that doing it over time, through instalments is a great process. He compares that to the blossoming of a plant to a flower to a tree. Therefore, it does not create a sound as it is happening gradually but the effect is just as prominent


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