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Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev Weighs in on Vastu Tips For House to Bring Health and Prosperity, Check Out

Sadhguru talks about the importance of Panchagini and the prper way of doing it

Sadhguru Tips: Rituals have an important space in human lives. It is our instinct to follow traditions and rituals and dismiss what does not work. Not only does it affect our physical level but also on an emotional level. Sadhguru talks about the importance of rituals. Moreover, everyone wants their food, water and everything else. Sadhguru says that even a saint would want his own personal Dhuni or sacred fire so that he can communicate directly with god. Therefore, Sadhguru talks about the transformative power of Panchagini


Panchagini can help us transform our house, which are in the form of Panchagini kriyas, mantras and sadhanas which are beneficial. This can help the people living in that particular house in various ways. This is especially beneficial if there are old people, children or sick people in the house. Panchagini is useful to bring health, prosperity and other good luck to the household. Therefore, Sadhguru suggests one way of experimenting with panchagini at home.

How to do Panchagini

This requires the five elements of nature and their union. Start by drawing four triangles, two on the top two sides and two inverted triangles on the bottom two sides. In the centre, make a triangle on top of one another to form a star-like shape. This can be drawn in the house with rice flour, flour, grain, pulses, rice or anything organic and earthy. The 6 triangles symbolise 6 chakras 5 different elements and fire. On top of this, a ghee or sesame oil lamp should be lit in the middle of the shape. Sesame oil is especially good because it generates a lot of heat. The area around the packaging will have a beautiful aura surrounding it and is helpful if there are old people or sick people in the house. Moreover, it is great for growing children. Apart from that, Sadhguru suggested placing this in meditation rooms to help enhance daily sadhanas. Furthermore, this should be lit for 6-8 hours

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