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Sadhguru Tips: Master Karma and conquer Fear with these mind-blowing ways; Watch video

Sadhguru provides profound insights into the misunderstood concept of karma, emphasizing that it encompasses physical, mental, emotional, and energy activities. He addresses the root of fear, explaining it as a product of imagination about future events and underscores the importance of mastering one's inner dimensions to navigate life effectively and conquer fear.

Sadhguru Tips
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Sadhguru Tips: Many people grapple with the concept of karma, often associating it with a fatalistic process that determines our destiny. To shed light on this intricate topic, a seeker approached Sadhguru with a question about thoughts, fears, and karma. Sadhguru emphasized that karma, which literally translates to action, is a multifaceted phenomenon encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and energy activities that occur within us constantly, both in wakefulness and in sleep.

The Consciousness Conundrum

Sadhguru delved into the critical aspect of consciousness in managing karma. He challenged the questioner to reflect on how much of these four dimensions of karma one conducts consciously in their daily life. The sobering reality, according to Sadhguru, is that for most people, conscious conduct accounts for less than 1% of their existence, leaving a staggering 99% to unfold accidentally. This, he asserted, should be a cause for concern, leading one to question how to navigate life in such a state.

The Anatomy of Fear: Memory, Experience, and Imagination

Sadhguru introduced the intricate interplay between memory, experience, and imagination as the three dimensions in which individuals exist. Memory, rooted in the past, exerts its influence on one’s present experience. However, the key to experiencing anything lies in consciousness and awareness, prerequisites for the present. Imagination, a projection into the future, is the dimension that individuals can actively change.

Sadhguru delved into the nature of fear, highlighting that it always pertains to something that does not exist in the present. Fear revolves around anticipation of future events or scenarios, causing individuals to suffer that which is not real. He likened this state to a psychiatric condition, emphasizing that most people endure this mental anguish. The root cause, Sadhguru contended, lies in the educational system, which neglects to impart essential knowledge about managing one’s own body, mind, emotions, and energy.

Empowering Life Through Self-Mastery

Sadhguru underscored the significance of mastering one’s inner dimensions, asserting that without this understanding, no amount of external knowledge is truly beneficial. To navigate life effectively, individuals must learn how to manage their physical, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects. Otherwise, they remain accidental beings at the mercy of fear and uncertainty. In closing, Sadhguru offered a unique perspective: Fear, rather than being a weakness, can serve as a protective mechanism, preventing individuals from causing harm to themselves and others when they lack mastery over their own being.

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