Sadhguru Tips: Mental Illness Can Ruin Lives! Check What Jaggi Vasudev Has Up His Sleeve

Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips: Mental illness is very common among the majority of people in the world. Some might be good at hiding it and some are not. However, it is easily assumed that the ones who hide it do not have any issues. The only difference is that they know how to manage it. Unmanaged mental illness can not only ruin a person’s life but also their relationship. However, spirituality can help a person heal.

Sadhguru on madness

Sadhguru says that the ones who have a hold of their mental illness know how to manage their madness while others don’t. He gives an example of Asthma saying that on most days asthma patient can manage their sickness, while on other days, they might be hospitalized. The sickness is there, the patient was able to manage it at times, and not at times. The same goes with mental illness, it abrupts sometimes, and sometimes it feels peaceful.

There are myriads of ways of managing one’s difficulties which can range from all sorts of things from drugs to therapy. He also says that everyone has a little bit of madness in them, either managed or unmanaged


Sadhguru talks about spirituality and says that spirituality does not help a person manage their madness. Instead, it makes the person so mad that he becomes sane. It is something beyond what we can imagine. Moreover, he says that most people are stuck in the same loop of what they can see or hear and live their lives accordingly within that limit.


Somedays you feel at peace with your madness. But it is only shortlived when other days it bubbles up. Therefore, that feeling of peace is not peace, says Sadhguru. He adds that peace is nothingness. Therefore, the meditations at the Isha are targeted to bring no peace or disturbance. It brings nothingness which in turn helps us to manage our madness.

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