Sadhguru Tips: Secret to a Happy Life! Jaggi Vasudev reveals the Unsaid; Watch to know his take

Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev always addresses significant and important issues. His videos become viral online because he always shares insightful and wonderful information about life and other things. His old video is garnering attention on the internet which showed him revealing the secret about a happy life.

How to live happily?

A woman asked about the happy life and Sadhguru said, “Look at yourself and see, right now somebody else, if they determine what should happen around you, you feel like a slave, but right now somebody else is determining what should happen within you, is this not slavery? Somebody can decide whether you are happy or unhappy, is this not slavery? What happens within you, somebody else determines – this is the worst form of slavery, isn’t it? Isn’t it so? It is just that because everybody is like that it seems to be normal, it is not. It is not normal. Just because everybody is like that, it does not become normal.”

Sadhguru talks about pleasantness and unpleasantness

He further added, “Aren’t the machines troubling you every day for something or the other? They do. So outside will never happen hundred percent the way you want it and if your happiness or your joyfulness or let’s not use all these so many words – essentially it is pleasantness vs unpleasantness. For pleasantness, we have many names; we call it peace, happiness, joy, bliss, ecstasy. For unpleasantness, we have many names – stress, anxiety, fear, tension, whatever else, madness, whatever. Pleasantness versus unpleasantness – if your pleasantness is dependent upon what happens around you, the chances of you being pleasant all the time is remote, isn’t it? In the very nature of things it’s not possible.”

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