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Sadhguru Tips: Short Tempered ? Jaggi Vasudev Opens Up on Ways to Overcome Anger Issues; WATCH

Learn priceless lessons from Sadhguru as he explores the complex world of controlling anger and short-temperedness.

Sadhguru Tips
Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips: The spiritual guru gives his disciples profound and insightful knowledge, and they succeed thanks to his wonderful teachings. His videos of himself imparting useful knowledge to others become viral on the internet. He also gives guidance on living a contented and healthy life. Most recently, he talked about different ways to control your anger. Jaggi Vasudev outlined how anyone can learn to manage their anger and how to never get angry in the most recent video. Watch this video to find out about Sadhguru’s methods for managing your fury.

Sadhguru gives tips to overcome anger issues

The spiritual guru talks about several things to give useful insights to his devotees to help them achieve the best things in life. He said, “People ask me ‘Sadhguru, how do you operate with all these people all kinds of horrible questions they are asking, they are doing this, they are doing that.’ I said, ‘My life is not about them, it’s about Me.’ it’s about how I am. This is about me. It doesn’t matter how they are, that’s their choice. But how I am is my choice. This is my way. No matter what they do I’m like this, because I have not given that freedom to anybody that somebody can freak me, somebody can make me angry, somebody can make me happy, somebody can make me unhappy, these privileges I kept to myself. It’s time you do that, too. Because if somebody else can decide what can happen within you right now, isn’t this the ultimate slavery?”

Here’s How Devotees Reacted

The video went viral and his devotes started reacting to the video in the comment section. They revealed in the comments if they agreed to his advice or not. One user wrote, “this is so important. don’t match negative energy! heaven and hell are the choices & feelings we make & feel every single day.” Another user wrote, “It’s very difficult to do that.”

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