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Sadhguru Tips: Should We Do Heavy Exercises? Jaggi Vasudev’s Take On The Right Way of Weight Training

Sadhguru talks about the importance of Suryanamaskara and weighs in on heavy weight training

Sadhguru Tips: Weight training is one of the most widely followed exercises. It is especially popular among actors who want to bulk up for a role. Moreover, people do weight training because it makes you overall stronger, lowers the risk of injury, and makes your body look flattering. However, weight training should also be done with proper care and after a professional consultation. Sadhguru also gets asked about weight training and he expresses the importance of weight training.

Sadhguru’s views on weight training

He says that weight training should only be done in moderation. As we grow older, we should reduce the amount of weight we take on. This is because, as the body gets old, it cannot take big amounts of weight. Therefore, if weight training is not reduced, it can cause serious issues. Moreover, he says that most exercises are beneficial and are done using natural body weight

Sadhguru on the harms of excessive weight training

Using excessive weight can be harmful to anyone. When one does heavy-weight training, their muscle bulges and loses their tenderness. This makes the body very brittle and restricts smooth movements. Moreover, he also adds that many bodybuilders face a lot of body issues after a certain age, making it not the ideal way of working out. Instead, Sadhguru suggests doing Suryanamaskar every morning

Sadhguru on the importance of Suryanamaskar

Sadhguru suggests everyone do 50 Sun Salutations or Suryanamaskar daily. This one exercise is enough to get a proper workout that in itself is enough for healthy living. Along with this, it strengthens muscles and joints.

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