Sadhguru Tips: Want to Ignite Your Creativity? Jaggi Vasudev Shows the Path; Check

The spiritual guru always shares important insights with his devotees.

Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips: Sadhguru provides important insights regarding how to unleash your creative potential. The spiritual guru always guides his students by offering them particular guidance. His presence and lectures inspire individuals to attain success in life. Individuals who follow Sadhguru’s ideas and practices may ignite their creativity, transcend mental hurdles, and realize their full potential. Learn how Sadhguru’s teachings may help you ignite your creative flame and have a more fulfilled life.

The sense of Abandon is necessary

Sadhguru said in the video, “Where there is no sense of abandon, there cannot be any creativity. Abandon means you don’t abandon anything, what you think is you, is abandoned. That I’m a man, I’m a woman, I’m this, I like this, I don’t like this, all these things abandoned. This is what is happening in music and dance or even in drug and alcohol, the joy that they’re having is the freedom from the personality.”

The Yogi’s Secret to Unleashing Creativity

The spiritual guru continues, “But if you use dance, music, drug, alcohol, you can do only for limited periods of time. So this is why the yogic system came up with how to obliterate the boundaries of your individuality. So a sense of abandon in your moment-to-moment living, if it comes, then creativity simply flows out of that. Not only that, life happens in great exuberance because it’s not limited by your likes and dislikes.”

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