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Sadhguru Tips: Want to solve your health issues? Jaggi Vasudev suggests these five magic tips; Check out here

Explore these wonderful suggestions to get a happier, healthier life. Here is where your journey to well-being begins: heed Sadhguru's advice for a balanced existence.

Sadhguru Tips: The spiritual guru always provides his followers with enlightening and practical knowledge. Because the New Year brings with it a lot of prosperity and new experiences in life, we are all getting ready for it. Sadhguru provided his followers with some health-related advice in the New Year. In his video, Sadhguru discusses how to address health-related issues and provides some crucial information that may be helpful to you.

Sadhguru suggests health tips to avoid health problems

Sadhguru suggested five health tips to avoid health problems in your life. They can make you healthy and you will feel wonderful. Let’s take a look at these health tips for a healthy and wonderful life. He said some things in the videos. Read what he said by scrolling down.

Relationship with the Soil

Well, your ability to live your ability to resist these kinds of innovations in your life will be greatly enhanced. It’s not just enough if you live, you must live strong, living strong does not mean you grow big muscles and dominate somebody. Living strong means your life happens big for this. You must bring this, all of you who are here at Isha Yoga Centre; we will set up some processes for you. So that, every one of you at least once in three days, your hands and feet are in the soil.

Raw Food

Just bring 40 to 50% of the food in its raw form which means it’s alive it must be a live cell it can be a vegetable. It can be a fruit, or it can be a sprouted gram. At least 40 to 50 per cent of the food that you eat must be alive. You eat dead food and you want to live, this is a little difficult thing to do because you have to raise the dead now. When you cook the fruit to digest the fruit all the ingredients necessary for digestion are not in the body alone. The food also brings the enzymes, when you cook the food you are largely destroying these enzymes. – the enzymes when you eat now the body has to

Take a Shower

Take a shower before going to bed it’ll make a lot of difference in this weather. Maybe cold showers are difficult so you go for lukewarm showers. Don’t go for hard showers in the night. Let’s go for a lukewarm shower it makes you alert. So, you will think oh I cannot sleep. It doesn’t matter if you’ll sleep 15-20 minutes or half an hour later but you will sleep better because it will take away certain things when you shower.

Drink With Care

You must take enormous care of the water because it’s 72% and it has tremendous memory. If I say something to this water it remembers there have been many experiments in this direction. So, if you take this water from wherever the waterworks is and pump it to your house let’s say it went through 50 bends, first pumped forcefully with a certain force which naturally is done and you are living on the 12th floor of the apartment. So, further force down now they are saying if it goes through 50 bends about 60% of the water has turned poisonous immediately when it comes in the tap if you take it and immediately drink, it will work as poison in your system if you take it and hold it for some time it will undo itself again because the poisoning is not chemical.

Give a Break to Your Stomach

An empty stomach and hunger are two different things. Hunger means your energy level starts dropping but an empty stomach is a good thing. In the yogic sciences, modern science also is coming in line with this but what we know from our experience is that you will spend a billion dollars to come there. Your body and your brain work at its best only when your stomach is empty. So, we always make sure we eat in such a way that how much ever we eat our stomach must always be empty.

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