Sadhguru Tips: What is the Significance of Celebrating International Yoga Day? Jaggi Vasudev Reveals the Meaning; Check Out

Sadhguru shared the real significance of celebrating the International Yoga Day.

Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips: The spiritual guru is very popular among the audience because he always shares insightful and important details about a lot of things. His social media presence has become very impressive and his videos make rounds on the internet. We all know about International Yoga Day which comes on the 21st of June every year. Many people think about the real significance behind celebrating the special yoga day. The spiritual guru talked about the Yoga Day and he revealed why you should celebrate it. He shared the real meaning and the video has garnered attention.

Sadhguru talks about the International Yoga Day

The spiritual guru’s videos garner attention online. In the recent viral video, he talked about the significance of Yoga Day. He said, “The International Yoga Day is… does not mean that we do yoga once a year. What this means is to bring this to every human being to understand that we can either address human individual issues, individual nature, either with philosophies, ideologies or belief systems, or address this human mechanism as the greatest piece of technology and learn to operate it in the highest level possible.”

Sadhguru Refers Yoga as a Technology

He further added, “Yoga is that dimension of life. It doesn’t matter what religion you belong to, what culture you come from, everybody, if they learn to use a particular form, it works for them. Just like this, yoga is a technology. This is like reading the user’s manual for a new gadget that you got. So this gadget, the most sophisticated mechanism on the planet. Have you read the user’s manual? It’s time. So on this Yoga Day, please bring in at least ten to twelve minutes of simple aspects of yoga and become a solution unto yourself, unto the world.”

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