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Skincare Tips: Discover BTS V’s simple and effective beauty regimen for glowing Skin

Skincare Tips: People often admire how celebrities have perfect, glowing skin. When we think about K-pop, the BTS members’ radiant appearance in their music videos is something we wish for and really like. Even though they live a busy lives, full of shows, events, and trips that force them to wear a lot of makeup. After applying heavy makeup, their skin still looks super smooth and spotless.

Speaking of BTS, V also known as Taehyung is definitely one of the most good-looking and dapper members in the group. And when it comes to his skincare regimen, V really focuses on keeping his skin looking glowing and spotless. Scroll below to know about BTS V’s skincare routine.

Cleaning is mandatory

BTS’ V starts his skincare by using a foaming cleanser because he thinks it’s important to clean the skin well. Even though he chooses a foaming one, he has suggested several times that it’s better to pick a nourishing cleanser that matches your skin type. Using it twice a day can help keep your skin clear from impurities.

Apply toner to remove any leftover makeup

V uses a toner that acts like a cleanser to remove any leftover makeup from his skin. It also help to tone the face and keeps the hydration level in check.

Moisturisation is the key

Next, the BTS member uses a moisturiser in his face that hydrates and nourishes his skin. He gently massages his face to improve blood circulation and make his skin soft and supple. 

Lip balm is essential

Lastly, he puts a lot of lip balm on his lips to keep them moisturised and supple. It also helps the lips from getting dry.

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