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Skincare Tips: Katrina Kaif’s Secrets to Soft Skin During Winters; Check It Out

Katrina Kaif reveals her skincare secrets that keeps her skin moisturised

Skincare Tips
Skincare Tips

Skincare Tips: As the winters are approaching, people have started to face the issue of dry and flaky skin. As the season changes, the wind gets sharper and colder, resulting in dry skin. Moreover, extreme dry skin can lead to skin peeling and itching. Apart from that, dry skin can make skin more sensitive to cuts and scrapes. The actress Katrina Kaif does not take her skin for granted. She keeps her skincare simple and never skips moisturizer that keeps her skin feeling plump. Here are a few skincare tips she follows religiously.

Gentle cleansers

Katrina Kaif makes use of gentle cleansers throughout the year. During winter, the skin tends to get dry. Therefore, harsh face wash strips the skin of all its oils, making skin even more dry. Therefore, a gentle cleanser is preferred by the actress

Face Massage

Instead of using fancy massage tools like a Jade Roller and a Gua Sha, Katrina Kaif uses her two fingers and knuckles to massage her skin. This keeps her skin smooth by facilitating blood circulation through a facial massage. Moreover, this also sculpts the face.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is a big part of her routine. Not only does it keep her body fit, it also keeps her skin clear and fresh.


Katrina Kaif never skips her moisturizer. This wards away any form of dryness or flakiness on the skin. Moreover, she believes this to be the most important part of her routine. Therefore, she does not mind splurging on a deeply nourishing moisturizer. She uses, La Prairie Night Cream which costs somewhere around Rs 70 thousand

Mineral Mud Mask

She also uses mineral mud masks every once in a while that keep her skin clean and fresh. For the moisturizers to seep into your skin, you have to make sure the skin is really clean. Katrina Kaif uses mineral mud masks by Anne Semoin to keep her skin feeling fresh and for products to seep in better which helps with the overall softness of the skin

Disclaimer – This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Take the methods, and claims mentioned in this article as suggestions only; DNP India does not confirm or refute them. Consult a doctor before implementing any such suggestions/ treatment/medicine/diet.  

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