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Skincare Tips: Malaika Arora’s flawless skin secret revealed; Follow This for seamless beauty

Malaika Arora revealed the her go to product she uses on her skin that helps fight ageing. This serum contains two ingredients, Vitamin C and Retinol

Skincare Tips: Malaika Arora, one of the biggest faces in Indian cinemas, is known for looking way younger than her age. This 48-year-old actress stuns the nation with her youthful glow even at this age. However, this diva undergoes a disciplined and healthy lifestyle that helps her achieve a healthy glow. However, she undergoes a very rigorous fitness regime and diet, which contributes to her healthy skin. As this actress appears on red carpets, or seen outside her gym, her skin always glows even without makeup. Many have wondered what is the secret to her youthful glow, other than her diet and workouts. Therefore, her secret to youthful skin is a combination of two ingredients that solve all anti-ageing issues, Vitamin C and Retinol.

Malaika Arora’s Secret to youthful skin

Malaika Arora recently took to Instagram to share the very same. She talked about her one-stop solution to staying youthful and radiant all the time. In this ad clip, shared by the actress on Instagram with the brand Lotus Herbals, she talked about the LotusRX firm and bright serum which is her one solution to anti-ageing and firm skin. The post is captioned by Lotus Herbals, ” Believe us when we say your skin will truly adore our Firm & Bright serum. This exceptional anti-ageing serum features 100% plant-based retinol, ideal for daytime use without any flaking or irritation!”

Malaika Arora’s favourite ingredients for skincare

In a Grey tank top, she talked about the essential ingredients in the serum that constitute anti-ageing on her skin. This serum has two vital ingredients that make it her go-to serum, which reduces the hassle of a 10-step skincare. it has a special youth complex formula that combats early signs of ageing. However, she emphasized the importance of natural plant retinol. Retinols are known to cause cell turnover, which increases collagen production. This in turn helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, she also talked about Vitamin C, which helps fight dark spots and pigmentation. At the same time, Vitamin C helps protect the skin from harmful UV radiation and helps fight Oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes dullness and signs of ageing which can be reduced using Vitamin C. However, this serum is to be topped off with sunscreen before stepping out.

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