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Skincare Tips: Say goodbye to dark circles with easy home remedies! Check out

Skincare Tips: Dark circles can be a real killjoy. While several wellness products may not work well against them, these home remedies can really help you in knocking them off your face.

Skincare Tips: Dark circles can be your next nightmare. These dark underlying patches can form under your eyes due to dehydration, stress, or even lack of sleep. The problem can also arise from reasons hiding deep inside your genes. The perfect solution lies in your own home. With just some tweaks here and there, you can get rid of dark circles in a jiffy. Try these wonderful home remedies.

Skincare Tips: How to get rid of dark circles?

Are you also sick and tired of dark circles under your eyes? Have you tried almost every potential solution but nothing worked out yet? Probably, you have been looking in the wrong direction for answers all this while. Dark circles tend to occur under your eyes when blood flow in the vessels around that area slows down. The very first step to get rid of them is to give your body an adequate amount of rest so your blood vessels can relax. Externally, these are the remedies you can use against dark circles:

The chilling effect of cucumber

You must have seen in several spa advertisements how models tend to keep cucumber slices over their closed eyelids and relax. This is not just for modeling! Chilled cucumber slices can prove to be extremely effective in increasing blood circulation under the eyes, thereby, removing dark circles. The slices must be kept on for at least 15 minutes.

Green tea treatment

The next most effective product in treating dark circles is green tea. Take 2 green tea bags, boil them in water, cool them down in a refrigerator, and keep them under your eyes for around 15 minutes or so.

Rose water treatment

Rose water is known to have astounding benefits for the skin. Its soothing properties are essential for removing tension from one’s face. If you keep cotton swabs soaked in rose water and put them on your dark circles for around 15 minutes, you will be able to get rid of your dark circles sooner than expected.

Tomato against dark circles

Did you know that tomatoes are rich in antioxidants which can help remove pigmentation? Take some tomato juice and add 3-4 drops of lemon juice to it. Apply the blend under your eyes and keep it for around 10 minutes.

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