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Traffic Challan: How to Check, Pay Your Traffic Challans Online? Read on to know

Traffic offenders can be penalised as they occur via digital means with e-Challan. Getting rid of traffic fines before the deadline is crucial for car owners who want to stay out of trouble with the law.

Traffic Rules: How to Check and Pay Off Your Traffic Challans Online? Read on to know

Traffic Challan: Driving in India can be challenging, particularly given the tight traffic regulations and the country’s ever-increasing traffic. You risk receiving a challan, or traffic fine, for making a mistake. A number of infractions, including speeding, driving without a licence, and failing to wear a helmet, may result in challans. There are penalties for late payment, so it’s critical that you pay any challan you receive as soon as possible. In this article, we will tell you how to check and pay off a challan online.

What are pending challans?

Electronically recorded traffic violations that still require resolution or payment are referred to as pending challans. Violations including speeding, running red lights, parking illegally, and other offences can be included in this category. An e-challan is issued to the registered owner of the vehicle upon the detection of a violation by a traffic enforcement camera or upon a traffic officer’s report. In order to prevent future repercussions like higher fines, licence suspension, or even legal action, it is imperative that these e-challans be handled as soon as possible.

How to check challans online?

  • Go to the Vahan website.
  • Input the number plate number.
  • Select “Show Details” after completing the captcha.
  • You can see the information of the car blacklist, pending challans, and FIR (if any).

How to pay them online?

  • Go to the portal for eChallan.
  • Select “Pay Online” from the menu.
  • Click “Get Detail,” enter your car’s registration number, and complete the captcha.
  • Check the outstanding challans and pay online to clear them.

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