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Vastu Tips: Avoid these pictures as Wallpaper for your Mobile Phone to live a happy life; Check out here

Utilize the age-old wisdom of Vastu Shastra to transform your life! Discover which images to avoid using as your phone's wallpaper for a better, more balanced life by perusing our enlightening guide.

Vastu Tips: With so much more to offer than just texting and phone calls, mobile phones have become an indispensable component of modern life. Some people choose to use their smartphones to pass the time by playing games, while others just read through social media accounts. But according to Vastu, our phone wallpapers can also have an impact on our lives, so choose the one that’s best for you. We’ve provided some advice on choosing your phone’s wallpaper, and you should stay away from these images. View them in the section below;

Gods’ Picture

We should never put a picture of God on our wallpaper because we touch the phone with dirty and dirty hands which is not right, that is why we should not put a picture of God.

Photo of dry tree leaves

We should never use wallpaper of dry trees and leaves on the phone’s wallpaper because it is believed that such pictures bring negativity to your life. Therefore, it is important for you not to install such wallpapers to avoid negativity.

Pictures of natural disasters

Pictures of burning fires, storms, floods etc. should not be used on the wallpaper of the phone because these also affect the mind.

Pictures of dead people

Many people also put pictures of people who died in their families on the wallpaper of their phones and touch them with dirty hands but this should not be done because it creates Pitra Dosh.

Picture of ghosts and predatory animals

Also, avoid putting pictures of ghosts and violent animals on your wallpaper because it can also hurt your mind.

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