Vastu Tips: Beware! Avoid These Idols in Your Temple to Prevent Bad Karma; Check Out

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Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: All houses have a temple, though, where idols of various gods and goddesses are housed. However, according to Vastu Shastra, idols or pictures of some gods and goddesses shouldn’t be maintained in your home’s temple as this might also have unfavourable effects. Let us tell you which images or idols of gods and goddesses are unlucky to have in the home’s temple in such a circumstance.

Shani Dev

Hinduism regards Shani Dev as the deity of justice. Many individuals worship Shani Dev at the same time, however, it is not permitted to maintain his image or idol in the home’s temple. because he is revered as a ferocious god. Worshipping Shani Dev at a temple as opposed to at home is hence regarded as more favourable.

Unfavorable outcomes

Similar to Shani Dev, it is deemed improper to have Maa Kali’s statue and photo in the home shrine as she is one of the furious gods and goddesses. As a result, it is improper to worship them at home. Furthermore, the observance of Maa Kali’s laws is deemed inappropriate due to their difficulty.

The idol of Nataraja

Although most people want to have a statue of Nataraja in their home, Nataraja is really said to represent Lord Shiva in his fiercest form. It is best to avoid storing the Nataraja statue in the home’s temple in such a circumstance to prevent conflict and instability from lingering there.

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