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Vastu Tips: Can Shami Combat Negative Energies? Follow THESE Shastra Rules to Plant Shami Tree in Your House

Here are some Vastu tips to put a shami plant in the house for the best outcome, as Shami plant is known to ward off bad energies from life.

Vastu Tips: The Shami tree is a very popular household plant known for its medicinal properties. This plant is generally grown in the southeast Asian or Middle Eastern countries of the world. Moreover, this plant is considered an auspicious plant according to the ancient Hindu scriptures. Along with this, it is also symbolic of wealth and the Shani God. Therefore, according to Vastu Shastra, people who have a Shami plant in their house bring positive energies into the house. However, there are a few Vastu rules that should be followed for maximum prosperity.

Avoid shoes

The area where the Shami tree is planted should be kept neat and clean. Moreover, it is important to note that there are not any shoes that are present near the plant. As the plant is considered to be symbolic of lord shani, they could potentially get angry at this and cause a ruckus

Avoid Tulsi plant

While planting a Shami plant, make sure it is not near the Tulsi plant. This is frowned upon by Lord Shankar, whose favourite plant is the Shami plant.


Water the plant daily. However, make sure to not overwater the plant. This will cause the plant to die which may cause vastu dosh


This plant should be planted in the most auspicious direction, east or northeast. Moreover, it is advisable to place it near the entrance of the house. However, avoid the south direction at all cost

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