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Vastu Tips: Facing obstacles in your career? Check out these Tips to tackle them

Uncover the Vastu mysteries to overcome obstacles in your profession! Take a look at these Vastu Tips if you're having trouble navigating the challenges in your work. They can help you get over problems and make the proper decisions for your career.

Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: A successful and satisfying career is frequently a major turning point in one’s life path. Obstacles, though, can occasionally impede our advancement. We questioned whether Vastu Shastra could assist in getting rid of these barriers. Times of India questioned Manoj Shrivastava, a Vastu Acharya, on how Vastu may improve job chances and remove roadblocks to professional advancement. Here are some effective Vastu strategies to assist you in getting beyond obstacles and accomplishing your career objectives.

Utilize the North’s power

Vastu emphasizes the significance of the northeast and north directions for professional advancement. Make sure the north is clear and open from the orientation of your desk or office. This allows the flow of positive energy and boosts your employment possibilities. Maintain a money plant in a blue bottle in the north to boost professional development or draw in new business prospects.

Where to put a desk

It matters where your desk is located. Your desk should ideally be located in your office’s southwest or west area. This position advances your career by strengthening your leadership and decision-making skills.

Looking at either north or east, take a seat

While the East is linked to leadership, power, and notoriety, the North is connected to commerce, intelligence, and communication. As a result, you can think more creatively, communicate yourself clearly, and impress people by sitting with your back in certain directions.

Keep a sturdy wall behind you

A strong wall behind you signifies the backing of your superiors, associates, and customers. It also makes you feel confident and secure. However, having a window or an open area behind you can cause you to feel uneasy and preoccupied.

Display an image of a mountain range in the West or Southwest

The element of earth, which is connected to the southwest direction, stands for steadiness, determination, and focus. Saturn, the planet of discipline, diligence, and focus, is connected to the element of space and the West. Thus, you can overcome obstacles, maintain motivation, and outperform your rivals by hanging a picture of mountains in these directions.

Steer clear of mirrors facing your home’s southeast or southwest

Venus, the planet of riches, beauty, and relationships, is linked to the element of fire and the southeast direction. The planet Rahu and the element of earth are linked to the south-west direction, which stands for delusion, perplexity, and barriers.

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