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Vastu Tips: Follow THESE Shastra Tips for the Front Gate of Your House to Avoid Troubles

If you want to avoid troubles in your daily and family life, here are a few essential vastu tips for front gate of the house

Vastu Tips: While we make sure to follow all the Vastu rules inside the house, people often forget the main gate of their house. The front gate of the house is also one of the most crucial aspects of the house. Therefore, it needs to follow the rules of Vastu to bring positive energies to enter the house freely. Moreover, there are some important things to keep in mind while decorating the front gate.


The garage or the car parking should not be directly in front of the house. This causes financial loss and other sadness in the lives of the people who live in the house. Moreover, this can also cause anxiety or mental stress.

Stone pillar

Make sure the backyard does not have a stone pillar or a big stone right in front of the house. This will cause confusion, misunderstandings and fights in the family.

Petrol Pump

Make sure the house front gate is not opposite to a fuel station or petrol pump as it is considered extremely inauspicious. However, it is also inauspicious to have a washerman or mechanic shop opposite the house.

Empty House

If there is an empty stone house that has any damage to it, it can affect the lives of the people living in the opposite house. Therefore, bad energies enter the house easily and disrupt the lives of the people living in it

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