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Vastu Tips: How to Craft a Perfect Kids Room? Read to Find Out

FInd essential vastu tips for kids room from colour to decor and positioning.

Vastu Tips: A child brings light to the household. Therefore, a child’s room is just as crucial for the child’s proper development and upbringing. According to the ancient tradition of Vastu Shastra, there needs to be a balance between all elements of nature for good energies to enter the house. Therefore, certain rules are to be followed for this to happen.


The entrance of a child’s room should preferably on the east direction. Unlike the entrance of the house, the kid’s room’s entrance should not be heavily decorated and should not have nameplates. The area near the entrance should be kept clutter-free and empty. This will maintain positive emotions and happiness in your child’s life


The bed should be in the west or southwest direction. Moreover, a wooden bed should be kept. Additionally, the bedsheets should have light and soothing colours. This will bring prosperity and success to the child’s life. Not only this, one should avoid letting the child eat in bed at any cost.

Study table

The study table should be kept in the southwest or west direction. Moreover, the study table should have 4 sides instead of a funky design. However, eating and placing waste items on the study table should be avoided. This will aid the intellectual growth of the child


The mirror should be kept on the opposite side of the bed. If kept on the same side, it could lead to confusion and fights.


Keeping any electronic gadget in your kid’s room is considered to be inauspicious. The kid’s room should be free of any extremely modern gadgets that produce radiation.


The colour of the room should be any pastel or light colour such as green, white or yellow

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