Vastu Tips: How to Look After Tulsi? Keep THESE Harmful Things Away to Avoid Disaster; Check Out

vastu shastra always suggests important things to maintain positive things in life.

Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: In Hinduism, Tulsi devotion is seen as having particular significance, much like worshipping the gods and deities. Most Hindu homes include tulsi plants, which are frequently venerated. If you also have a Tulsi plant in your home, you should keep some items away from it in order to avoid receiving negative rather than positive effects from the plant.

Don’t keep these items close

The area around the tulsi plant has to be kept especially clean. Remember not to scatter trash, dirt, or anything else next to it. Avoid keeping shoes, slippers, and other items next to Tulsi, as well as a trashcan. You can have negative effects from Tulsi instead of beneficial ones if you do this.

Other Things Related to Tulsi

It is never advisable to store shifting in a Tulsi pot. This is explained by a mythical tale that claims Tulsi’s name was Vrinda in a past life, when she was the demon Jalandhar’s wife. Since Lord Shiva vanquished this demon, it is banned to give Tulsi to him. Moreover, it is deemed unlucky to keep the idol of Lord Ganesha close to Tulsi.

Remember these things

Broom storage next to Tulsi is also frowned upon. By doing this, the household’s poverty may worsen. In addition, prickly plants have to be avoided near Tulsi. Additionally, this raises the negativity in the home, which makes the person’s house more likely to have disputes and arguments.

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