Vastu Tips: Keeping Plants in Wrong Direction Can Be Counter Productive! Check the Right Way to Keep Them at Home

Vastu Shastra helps people achieve positivity and good environment.

Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: A specific direction has also been given for growing trees and plants in Vastu. Trees and plants grown in the incorrect direction bring bad energy into the home. It is considered that this leads to more domestic disputes. According to Vastu, some plants in the home should be placed in a different direction, since this would cause a lot of trouble. Let’s learn about these plants.

Banana Plant

The banana plant holds great significance in the field of astrology. Thursday’s worship of this tree is said to provide Lord Vishnu’s blessings. According to Vastu, this plant should never be planted facing south. It is never advisable to grow banana trees toward west or northeast. It’s highly unlucky to put a banana plant in this way. When bananas are planted facing south, bad things happen. Planting banana plants should always face north or east.

Tulsi Plant

In Hinduism, tulsi plants are very auspicious. Tulsi is said to be the home of Goddess Lakshmi. Daily worship of Tulsi has unique advantages. It is never a good idea to put tulsi plants facing south.

Planting Tulsi in this manner leads to more arguments within the household and a host of other financial issues. Planting Tulsi in the north-east corner or north-east direction is seen as fortunate. Tulsi is said to be most fortunate when planted in the north; when planted in the east, however, the energy of the sun is brought into the home.

Money Plant

The money plant is regarded as a fortunate houseplant. In the majority of homes, money plants are present. It is said that having money plants about the house appeases Lakshmi, the goddess. The home with the flourishing money plant is a happy place.

Vastu says that money plants should always be planted facing south, as doing otherwise might backfire rather than help. The family members can experience financial difficulties as a result. The direction in which money plants should always be placed is southeast. Prosperity and pleasure are brought into the home when money plants are planted in this direction.

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