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Vastu Tips: Mandir in your home should always be in the right direction! Know the best place here

Vastu tips: Placing your mandir at the right place will add peace and blessings to your home. In this article, you will know about the direction of different homes to place your mandir at the right place.

Vastu Tips: Every house occupant has a favorite space in which they spend the majority of their time. For children, it may be the TV room; for parents, it may be the bedroom where they can rest; and for homeowners who enjoy cooking, it is undoubtedly the kitchen! The mandir, a sacred area to worship the Almighty, is one part of the house that everyone adores. A place of such importance must be created in accordance with Vastu Shastra principles to guarantee that it is more quiet and peaceful.

Directions, along with other elements like as water, fire, earth, and so on, play an important part in Vastu Shastra. The relevance of direction stems from Vastu ideas that each direction has a certain energy that can be useful or harmful to the residents of the house. In this article, we have emphasized the optimum home temple orientation based on Vastu and the good and negative consequences of the same, as well as reflecting on some crucial Vastu principles for pooja room in workplace.

A mandir should be in Ishan Kona

According to Vastu Shastra, a mandir orientation in a residence should face northeast, also known as Ishan Kona, since it is considered auspicious. However, while Vastu principles recommend for a separate pooja room, this is not always possible in metropolitan settings due to space limits. As a result, such homes may benefit from either a wall-mounted mandir or a tiny corner mandir, depending on their needs and preferences.

Direction for Mandir in East-facing house

According to Vastu principles, the orientation of Mandir in an east-facing residence should be organized in such a way that a person faces the directions indicated by Vastu principles when worshipping. According to Vastu, or temple orientation in the house, the puja room in east-facing residences should be located in the north or east corner to pray while facing either of these directions when facing the east. As a result, facing these directions and praying in the pooja room of an east-looking house is regarded optimum since it brings positivity into the household.

Direction for Mandir in North-facing house

A pooja room should be positioned towards the northeast direction of a property with a north facing aspect. It may also be made and attached to the living room walls. Make sure the living room is in the northeastern corner of the house. You might also build a wall between the living room and the pooja room.

According to Vastu, the greatest orientation for a mandir in a house is north-east. If this is the case, try praying with your face toward the north or east. Always double-check that the mandir direction in your house is not beneath the stairwell or near the restroom.

Direction for south exposure house

If you have a mandir in your home, it should never face south since Yama, also known as the God of Death, controls the orientation for mandir at home. If you want to ensure that good energy flows consistently through your home’s puja room, the ceiling should be in the shape of a triangle.

Direction for West-Facing House

Because the northeast corner of the house is the most auspicious in a west-facing residence, Vastu suggests that the finest mandir location be in the northeast corner of the house. If you live in a west-facing home, you must keep a healthy balance of all five elements.

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