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Vastu Tips: Negativity Can Destroy Homes! Keep THESE Things in Mind For a Happy Home; Check Out

Learn the keys to creating a peaceful and happy atmosphere as we walk you through the crucial elements of a happy home.

Vastu Tips: Vastu is an energy-based system of home design that gives special meaning to everything kept in the home. Occasionally, having something stored improperly can also have a detrimental effect on the occupants of the home. Vastu-related errors can cause serious issues at home. Vaastu has many such teachings that, if followed, can help you eradicate negative aspects of your life. Adhering to these Vastu principles leads to a lot of positive changes in life. Take a look at the things that you should keep in your mind to keep the negativity away from your house.

Vastu Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

  • You should never keep a shoe stand at the main door to your home. It is considered very unlucky in Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu, if you don’t have enough space to store shoes and slippers, never leave them out in the open. Keeping slippers and shoes at the main door to the house causes Vaastu problems. It should be kept facing west or southwest of the house.
  • Clocks that are installed on the house’s walls should be treated with special care. Watches should not be placed on walls with green paint. Never place a closed watch on the wall. The clock must always be set against the wall facing east, west, and north. Placing the clock this way brings good fortune.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, falling asleep in the wrong direction causes problems. As a result, negative energy increases swiftly, affecting the life of the family members. According to Vastu, you should never sleep with your head facing north. In Hinduism, only the deceased are required to sleep with their heads to the north. Sleeping with your head in this direction represents death. According to Vastu, one must constantly sleep with the head facing east.
  • There should be no dirt around the Tulsi plant in your home. Growing a Tulsi plant at the front door of the home is considered very beneficial in Vastu. Tulsi plants eliminate negative energy and bring positive energy into the home. It should be kept facing east, but you can also keep it near a window in the north or northeast.
  • Special care should be taken with the house’s nameplate, which should always be correctly attached. It shouldn’t be left hanging. According to Vastu, setting up an attractive nameplate opens up new opportunities at work. The nameplate of the house makes an excellent first impression on the outsiders. Putting the nameplate on the left side of the entrance is regarded to be more fortunate. According to Vastu, setting up a white nameplate provides joy and wealth to the family.

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