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Vastu Tips: Newlyweds? 5 Things to Remember Before Setting Up The Bedroom; Check out Here

Explore the nuances of Vastu Shastra created especially for the sacred space of your bedroom, from the optimal arrangement of furniture to color choices that foster closeness.

Vastu Tips: Vastu is strictly followed in homes that welcome newlyweds, down to the last detail, including bedroom orientation and colour schemes for the walls and curtains. When designing a new home or even just getting ready for a wedding, many Indian families adopt the concepts of Vastu Shastra to get rid of negativity and dissatisfaction in their spaces. Here are some Vastu home remedies that recently married couples can use to create a happy and fulfilling partnership.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom of Newlywed Couple

Bedroom Direction: As per Vastu, the newlyweds’ bedroom should face southwest. It will encourage the development of intimacy, passion, and love. Choose only the room that falls into these criteria if you’re a newlywed looking to renovate your home. Building or occupying a room with a north, east, or northeast orientation is not recommended.

Location of Wedding Picture: Recently married couples may like to use pictures from their engagement or wedding to adorn their space. Vastu Shastra states that pictures should be hung on the bedroom’s eastern wall. This will make it more likely that comprehension will win out.

Bed and Room Decor Position: As per the principles of Vastu Shastra, recently married couples should set up their beds such that their heads face south when they fall asleep. A couple should never choose the colours black, grey, brown, or cream for their curtains, bed linens, wallpaper, pillowcases, or other home décor. Rather, they should choose orange, pink, blue, yellow, and so on. A bedroom mirror facing the bed is not a good idea because it may be bad for your health.

No Items Concerning Work: According to vastu shashtra, the bedroom should be clutter-free, especially with regard to items utilized for work, like laptops, books, files, and chargers. It is recommended that couples provide a specific space for their professional things.

Bedroom Furnishings: Wooden furniture is ideal for newlyweds. According to Vastu Shastra, wood ensures warmth. Metals usually emit cold energy. Using a single mattress is recommended to encourage compatibility and bonding.

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