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Vastu Tips: Prepping For Christmas? Follow THESE Shastra Rules for Placing Christmas Tree in the House

Here are the essential vastu shastra tips for placing Christmas tree

Vastu Tips: House plants are considered extremely auspicious around the house for many of their amazing properties. These bring positive energy into the house and help filter the air. This also is relevant for Christmas trees. Moreover, during the festive season, many must be thinking about placing a Christmas tree in their houses. Therefore, follow these Vastu tips to invoke maximum positive energy in the house.


The Christmas tree should be placed in the north direction of the house, specifically northeast. This can bring positivity and good health into the house. This also emits oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from the surroundings which enhances the good properties of the house.


The Christmas tree should be decorated with a lot of fruits, flowers, lights and ornaments. Along with this, one needs to place the Angel Gabriel or the Star of Bethlehem on the top of the tree. This will protect the house from bad energy from the house.


A Christmas tree can also be put in the workplace. A smaller version of it can be put in your office space to generate positive energy in the workplace as well. This will bring positive work energy and help your career

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