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Vastu Tips: Renovating House For Diwali? Essential Layout Rules For New House

Vastu Tips
Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: As the festive season approaches, many are renovating their old house for Diwali. Renovating involves fixing the old issues and making the house aesthetic by changing the layout of the house. This enhances the chances of Goddess Laxmi to enter the house with blessings. However, certain Vastu Rules need to be followed for maximum blessings


The main entrance should be in the east or north direction. This allows a smooth flow of prana into the house that brings health, wealth and prosperity. East is also the direction where the sun rises, bringing light into the house according to Vastu. Moreover, the entire house should have ample sunlight during the daytime.


One should keep indoor plants around the house. These plants not only purify the air, they are considered very auspicious according to Vastu Shastra. These bring a balance between the natural and man-made. Moreover, they look very aesthetic and give a good look to the house. A house garden could be built in the north or east of the house.


Kitchen space denotes food and nourishment. Moreover, it is where the goddess Annapurna resides. The kitchen should be in the southeast direction of the house. The kitchen should have a window for proper ventilation and enough sunlight. Along with this, the utensils in the kitchen should also be in the southwest direction while the sink should be in the northwest.


When renovating, go for lighter colours such as off-white or warm ivory colour. Try to keep the colours on the pastel side instead of going for bright colours. However, shades of white are considered to remove Vastu dosh from the house and keep the positive vibes. The lighting should also be kept warm at night and natural light should be used as much as possible during the day

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