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Vastu Tips: Should You Be Careful When Buying a Bed? Follow THESE Shastra Rules to Avoid Dosh

Here are the essemtial Vastu Tips to keep in mind before and after buying a new bed

Vastu Tips: Buying a bed and a mattress is one of the biggest decisions in one’s life. Not only are these a financial investment, but there are also certain Vastu rules to be followed. If these rules are not followed, one is likely to attract Vastu dosh in the house. Therefore, here are a few Vastu rules to be followed for maximum good luck and to ward away any negativities.


While installing a bed, one should keep in mind that the direction of the head while sleeping should be towards the south. Therefore, the headboard should be set up towards the south and the pillows should also be stacked in the south direction

Under the bed

The area under the bed should remain clutter-free and empty at all times. Moreover, do not put sharp objects and electronic items under the bed. Additionally, anything considered impure, according to Vastu Shastra, such as dustbins, should not be placed under the bed.


The bed should ideally be square but can also be rectangular. Just make sure the length of the bed is long. However, avoid round beds or other funky shapes. Along with this, the material of the bed should never be metal. Instead, choose wood only.


After buying the bed, it is important to worship the bed to ward off any negativity or Vastu dosh attached to it. This will facilitate good sleep and good dreams.

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