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Vastu Tips: Want to attract prosperity to your house? Bring these 5 paintings to hang

With these artworks that have been blessed by Vastu, your home's energy will soar! Learn how to draw wealth by hanging these five thoughtfully selected paintings.

Vastu Tips: As per the principles of Vastu Shastra, the energy of your home is influenced by each and every element. Everything in your living space, including artwork, plants, doors, windows, and display pieces, can assist you in drawing in good or bad energy.

Among the few items we use to adorn the walls of our bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and guest rooms are paintings. To demonstrate their passion for and expertise in the arts, collectors hand-select certain works of art by well-known artists. Following our conversation with Kusum Dograa, a vastu and astrology specialist, we present to you five artworks that can enhance your home’s vastu and assist you in drawing good fortune and energy into it.  

Radha Krishna Painting

Vastu Tips

The Vastu expert claims that you can draw serenity and prosperity into your home by hanging paintings of Radha Krishna on the north walls of your living room or other rooms. It will bless your love life if you hang it in your bedroom. When a couple is having conflict in their relationship, they should attempt this solution to patch things up. Radha and Krishna are symbols of unadulterated, unselfish love. Consequently, hanging their painting in the home is seen as auspicious.

Running Horses Painting

Vastu Tips

Vastu holds particular significance for an artwork that shows horses galloping. They represent happiness, marriage, prosperity, and a successful career. Your life will attract stable finances if your picture features seven horses galloping. If the picture depicts eight horses racing, it will bring prosperity and luck to your family members in all facets of their lives. It can be hung in the east or north-facing living room.

Koi Fish Painting

Vastu Tips

Harmony and balance are represented by a painting of koi fish. According to Feng Shui, it is lucky. It will assist the stars to align in your favor and bring success into your life if you hang it in your living room or anywhere in the west of your home.

The picture also represents the coming of prosperity and fresh chances. Try this vastu cure if you have been experiencing money difficulties or employment difficulties. You may receive a knock on your door for new career choices.               

Owl Painting       

Vastu Tips

Regarding vastu and astrology, each animal represents a distinct meaning. While some are regarded as carriers of bad omen, others are holy. A white owl is a symbol of change and metamorphosis in life.

It represents a significant shift that lies ahead of cosmic transits and brings good tidings. It represents discernment and fortune. In the south, you should hang it in your living room, home office, or children’s bedroom. It will bring wealth and prosperity into the lives of those you care about.

Waterfall Painting

Vastu Tips

A painting of a waterfall represents an abundance of good energy. It brings harmonious energy into the living room and draws in positive energy. It is thought to draw money, prosperity, and chances for career and personal advancement.

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