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Vastu Tips: Want To be Blessed With Prosperity? Do THIS Without Fail Everyday Till Diwali To Please Goddess Laxmi

Follow this essential vastu tip till Diwali that is considered to be extremely auspicious for Diwali

Vastu Tips: During the festival season, Diwali marks the biggest celebration and an end to the festivities. Myriads of Hindu festivals are celebrated during this time, which ends with the festival of Diwali. Therefore, this festival is celebrated with the most enthusiasm. Moreover, the prep for Diwali starts days, weeks or even months before the actual festival. Moreover, certain traditions are essential to do for the goddess Laxmi to bless the house. One of them is lighting clove and camphor, called Kapur. Here are the benefits of doing so and the tips to do it the right way


Lighting camphor and clove together brings a beautiful aroma and aura to the house. The preferred location for this is the north or east direction of the house, the same as Diyas. Moreover, the area around it should be kept clean and clutter-free. Moreover, when lit, it should be lit facing the east direction


The camphor and clove should be lit in a brass or a silver container. This will ensure positive energy flow and bring prosperity by pleasing goddess Laxmi. Moreover, while lighting it, auspicious prayers or mantras can be uttered that will enhance the positivity. On top of that, the container must be cleaned and maintained regularly


When lighting diyas, or candles, make sure to have proper ventilation. The same goes for Kapur. Along with that, it ensures a smooth flow of energy. Moreover, it avoids smoke buildup in the house

Symbolic of purity

When lit every day without fail till Diwali, it is symbolic of purity and will ensure good luck in the house. At the same time, it adds to the ambience of the festival, making it more joyous

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