Vastu Tips: Want to Resolve Fights with Your Partner? Follow THESE Tips to Live a Happy Life; Check out

Vastu Shastra suggests important things for the couple.

Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: It is common for a husband and wife to grow apart. There will inevitably be both sweet and bitter banter in any successful partnership. If your disputes are happening every day and have no obvious reason, Vastu Dosh may also be to blame. This might further damage your relationship. According to Vastu, there might be many reasons why a husband and wife are having problems. What changes to the home could be made to prevent hostility between husband and wife? In this post, we have mentioned suggestions according to vastu Shastra.

Out of Balance Vastu Elements

The five elements—Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky—are highly valued in Vastu Shastra. Discord in the house may result from an imbalance of these components. Each item in your home must have a designated spot as a result. For example, place the clock on the wall facing the correct direction and avoid storing shoes in random places.

The kitchen’s Vastu

The area where food is cooked is called the kitchen. The orientation of the kitchen is said to be crucial for improving the husband and wife’s bond. The kitchen should face southeast under Vastu. Being tidy and airy is also crucial.

Vastu tips for settling disputes

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