Vastu Tips: Want to Start a Restaurant? Keep THESE Things in Mind Before You Start; Check Out

Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: Vastu Shastra may be quite helpful in ensuring the success of a restaurant startup, which calls for meticulous preparation. To guarantee success and expansion, take into account the traditional Indian architectural style before starting. You may build a warm and successful dining room with the use of Vastu guidelines, which range from entrance directions to seating configurations. Take a look at these crucial Vastu suggestions to position your restaurant for success.

Selecting the appropriate location

To ensure a balanced flow of energy, choose a location for your restaurant that is square or rectangular in shape. It’s also crucial to abide by Vastu principles while putting idols of deities or religious symbols in dining establishments. Placing gods and goddesses in the northeast—as long as they face either east or west—is thought to bring good luck and foster a happy mood in restaurants. The place of worship should always be kept nice and clean.

Restaurant design and product arrangement

The restaurant’s entrance should be designed to draw visitors in and make it simple for them to enter. Make the restaurant’s layout as attractive as possible to make it easier for guests to enter. In the restaurant, arrange shelves and racks to best display merchandise.

The ambience within the restaurant

Play soft, calming music to make the restaurant feel welcoming and serene. Don’t listen to depressing or loud music.

Selection of colors

Use light colors in your restaurant or business, according to Vastu Shastra. Maintain a ceiling color that is paler than the walls’ tone. Avoid using colors that are thought to be unlucky, such as black, dark blue, or brown. Use white, off-white, or silver white instead in the restaurant’s east, north-east, and south-west directions.

Direction of the cash counter and kitchen

The most crucial areas of any restaurant are the kitchen and the cash register. The south-east orientation of a restaurant’s kitchen is considered the most fortunate direction for keeping a stove or gas burner, according to Vastu. In addition, the cash counter’s orientation should be either north or east.

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