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Vastu Tips: Want Wealth and Prosperity? Plant Trees in your house in THIS direction to attract the Very Best; Check out

Experience the transforming power of bringing serenity and well-being into every part of your home by implementing these age-old practices.

Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: Everything has been thoroughly explained in Vastu Shastra, from how a house should be built to which direction each item in the house should be kept. Vastu Shastra has many rules that must be followed; when we do not, intentionally or unintentionally, we will encounter various difficulties in life. We will specifically talk about which plants, and how, should be kept in which directions by Vastu Shastra.

Putting in plants maintains a clean atmosphere. Being surrounded by greenery also lifts our spirits. Many kinds of plants are either planted or kept in our homes. We don’t know the proper direction and thus plant them wherever and in whatever direction we want. Let’s see which direction is best for the plants.

Which direction is the best?

The north is thought to be the most fortunate direction for plants. In addition to being the direction of Mercury, this direction is also thought to be the location of Kuber. It is said that a person makes progress at work if positive energy is located in the north. Positive energy is also linked to plants. Planting in the north is therefore thought to be very beneficial.

Plans for North Direction

Tulsi: Lord Vishnu is fond of the tulsi plant. This plant eliminates negative energy and improves the flow of positive energy throughout the house.

Money Plant: The money plant is regarded as a representation of prosperity and wealth. The house will prosper and become wealthy if oriented toward the north.

Aloe Vera: This plant enhances the flow of positive energy in the home and purifies the air.

Spider Plant: Spider plants eliminate bad energy and cleanse the air.

Peace Lily: Peace Lily enhances the positive energy and peace flow within the home.

Lavender: A fragrant plant, lavender promotes a calm and upbeat atmosphere in the house.

Orchid: An exquisite flowering plant that brightens the atmosphere in the home is the orchid.

Things to Keep in Mind

Maintain the health of plants: Make sure the plants receive regular watering and sunlight.

Eliminate any withered plants because they promote the flow of negative energy.

Put the plants in the appropriate location: Maintain the plants facing north.

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