Vastu Tips: What are the Hidden Secrets of Swastik in Vastu Shastra? Check out Benefits here

Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: Making the Swastika symbol during worship is seen as extremely fortunate in Hinduism. It is thought that doing this makes the home happier, and prosperous. The symbol Swastika is thought to represent the first worshipped deity, Shri Ganesha. Swastika is therefore made at the start of all auspicious works. Eight arms make up Swastika. It represents the elements of earth, fire, water, air, and sky. Additionally, the four primary arms (Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha) are thought to represent the four Vedas, the four directions, and the four endeavours. There are several hidden secrets and benefits of Swastika which you should consider after making Swastika.

Vastu Tips for Swastika

In a home or office, swastikas should be made in the east, northeast, and north directions.

Putting in a copper Swastika, also known as Ashtadhatu, is likewise regarded as fortunate.

Swastika in the kids’ study area can be oriented southwest to southeast.

When making Swastik at home, vermillion should be always used.

Slippers and shoes should not be removed around Swastik, according to Vastu.

You can create a swastika on the front door to bring good vibes into the house.

Making a Swastika with vermilion on the safe is said to enhance wealth.

It’s said that drawing a Swastika in the centre of the home’s courtyard drives away negativity.

Making a Swastika on the front door is lucky if there is a tree or pillar in front of the house. a nine-finger-long and nine-finger-wide Swastika is the way to eliminate Vastu faults.

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