Vastu Tips: What Kind of Painting Should You Put Up in Your Room? Here’s What Vastu-Shastra Says

Vastu Shastra provides solution to people to attract positivity.

Vastu Tips: Paintings are frequently used on walls to improve a space’s aesthetic appeal. People often enjoy a wide variety of artworks. But before painting the walls, there are a few things that Vastu says should be kept in mind. This is due to the fact that these artworks are always in front of us and have an impact on both our health and finances. Tell us just what sort of artwork you want to hang on your room’s walls.

Painting of the Rising Sun

As everyone knows, Hinduism places great significance on the rising sun. The rising sun is seen as a representation of a “new beginning and hope,” “life and energy,” and so on. As a result, placing a picture depicting the rising sun facing eastward enhances good energy throughout the home.

Running Horse

Vastu Tips

A running horse is thought to represent bravery and leadership. The horse is often seen as a success symbol. A painting of a galloping horse facing south is said to bring prosperity and job advancement, according to Vastu.

Peacock Feather

The peacock is seen as a lucky and prosperous sign. Placing a painting of peacock feathers facing westward is said to bring prosperity and pleasure into the home.

Green bamboo

Few homes have a painting of green bamboo, but if you have one, it may make a wonderful addition to your space. Green bamboo is seen as a representation of advancement and growth. A picture of green bamboo facing northward is said to bring prosperity and new chances in life.

In addition to instructions, keep the following in mind while positioning a painting:

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